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Brew Notes – Nitro Beers Explained

Good Beer Gas has taken a look at Nitro beers in two recent articles. While almost everyone was mesmerized by the wondrous cascade of tiny bubbles transforming into the lovely dark liquid of their first pint of Guinness, nitro beers are not a style you see a lot of craft breweries producing.

Thankfully, that is changing. In the first article, the authors go into the details of nitro beers like why it is best for maltier styles. They look at the combination of nitrogen and carbon dioxide use to achieve the waterfall effect, what enables the smooth mouthfeel, why the bubbles appear to rise in a pint and more.

Check out the first post here.

The second article from looks at the Nitro beers that are being produced in craft breweries across the country.

It looks at how Sam Adams quietly slipped a new stout into the market, Oskar Blues’ widgetized cans of Old Chub, and Left Hand Brewery’s industry leading efforts.

Check out the second post here.

So, the next time you are in your favorite watering hole, get your nitro on!

Or better yet start working with this mesmerizing style yourself.

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