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Month: August 2017

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Why is my keg not holding pressure?

Checking your keg before filling it is a critical step in the process of setting up any beverage dispensing system. There are a few basic steps that you should go through before filling a keg to make sure you get good pressure.

  • First thing is first, make sure your lid is fully secured and the gaskets are making a good seal.
  • Purge your keg with enough CO2 so the lid is held securely
  • Spray the top of the keg with soapy water in a spray bottle, make sure you’re soaking the posts as well
  • Look for any bubbling that isn’t normal suds from the spray, if you see bubbling then you’ve found your leak

If you find leaking on the posts, you may need replace your keg

Leaking on the lid can sometimes require replacing the gasket or using gasket lube to gain a better seal

Your keg is leaking around the bottom of your post then you’ll probably need a new dip tube o-ring.

If you see leaking on the pressure release valve (located in the middle of the lid) you can unscrew the relief valve and replace it after you bleed all the pressure.

If you have multiple issues with a keg we recommend you replace your keg instead of risking a leak.

Remember to never use a leaky keg as it can be costly and dangerous to pressurize. We’ll be posting a video demonstration and explanation of the method for finding a leak in your keg soon. In the meantime, happy brewing!