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Store Water in your Cornelius Keg During Emergencies

Being a Florida based company, McEver Kegs knows all too well the challenges of storing fresh emergency water during major weather events (in our case hurricanes). One of the essentials in preparation for a storm is to make sure you have fresh drinking water.

In advance of Hurricane Irma brewing into a threat we’ve put together a basic guide for how to re-purpose your Cornelius keg for long term water storage based on the FEMA and EPA guidelines for storing/decontaminating water for emergencies.

  • Sanitize your keg. Always sanitize your keg before storing anything you intend to consume.
  • Boil water for 1-2 minutes. A rolling boil should be maintained to ensure the water is safe to drink once it cools. Let the water cool naturally.
  • Attach it to CO2 to seal the keg Firm seals are important, they keep any bacteria from contaminating the stored water.

Used kegs are available for those that don’t currently own any and would like to start brewing or storing water.

As always, stay safe and plan ahead!

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