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Kegs Are Easier

We think kegs are easier than bottling. Certainly they’re both legitimate methods to accomplishing the same desired result (enjoying delicious brews). But we feel like the key points are enough to make kegging a preferred thing.

Time Invested

Bottling 5 gallons takes about 55  12 oz glass bottles which can take quite a while if you average 2 minutes per bottle (cleaning then filling). Readying all the bottles and lining them up can be time consuming. Switching from bottle to bottle can be a hassle as well.


Bottles require brushes, soaking, sanitizing, oh my. Not to mention the bottles need to dry, some people use racks, creating a space issue for those that brew in the kitchen. Kegs have a hand sized hole you can reach your arm into for scrubbing as well as only having to do it once instead of 60 times.


Set it and forget it! You can add the precise amount of carbonation with a regulator unlike with bottles. Bottling requires one to be very careful with making sure you add the correct amount of priming sugar and yeast. Not to mention if you over carb a keg is less likely (way less likely) to pop than a bottle.

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